The totally unofficial and use at your own risk,
Arcade Game Collector Price Guide


These prices are from my personal experiences and dealings over the last 20 years. Prices can vary from area to area, and from situation to situation. Condition and originality are always King. This guide is not a iron clad rule please use it as a guide or tool only. With any collectable prices can and will go up and down as the market dictates.


If you are collecting arcade games for an investment please reconsider this strategy. Asking prices on Ebay tend to be higher than average, as well as prices from commercial resellers. The prices listed are for working and complete games. Games lacking original components, with heavy damage, or non-working command less.


Games which have little abuse, home use only, or owned by someone in the industry (former video game employees, etc.) can command a higher price. Always consult an expert before buying something you are not sure of. All prices are subject to change for any number of market conditions or interests. 

NOTE: NEW PRICE GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS (Consider this page in a working "Beta" mode right now). It's ok to bookmark this page but be aware the document is getting updated quickly so direct bookmarks to the doc might disappear since updates are happening weekly on average. Please READ the first three pages of the guide (the introduction pages) before reaching out to me with questions :-D

Update Log/Build Log


  • 8/24/22 - (Project started in Summer of 2020, Added flipbook... v1 Priceguide 0-9, a-k,q, u, x-z titles, some prices, some notes, and some photos)

  • 8/25/22 - v1.01 - Landing site edits, Added cover page to PDF, New items "L" titles added, 60 new/mod prices -  8 Fixed issues, 2 New photos (201 pages)

  • 8/26/22 -  v1.02, 40 new titles in the M letter cat., 55 new prices, 15 new photos, a few fixes here and there (209 pages)

  • 8/29/22 - v1.03, M letter titles finished (about 55+ new titles), 2 new photos, 45 new prices, dozens of new notes and tons of fixes thoughout guide (217 pages)

  • 8/31/22 - v1.04 - N letter titles finished (about 40 new titles), only O,P,R,S,T,V,and W letters need to be finished now...13 new photos, 18 new prices, about a dozen new notes (226 pages), prep started for printed version as well...estimated guide will be 340 pages when done and the printed version will have an additional 100 pages of other material (so 425-475 pages for the printed version?) 

  • 9/1/22 - V1.1 - Major update, Intro section added, Cabinet guide added, started final clean up for first few letters, some new prices and photos (235 pages)

  • 9/9/22 -v1,11- Another major update with over 100 new titles in the O,P, and V sections (all done). Over 50 new prices and price corrections, some new photos as well... minor edits and tweeks (254 pages now...) 

  • 9/16/22 -v1.2, Yes another huge update with all but titles that start with S or T finalized. Over 150 new titles and 100+ new prices, tons of new photos and a lot of editing went down with this version (277 pages)

  • 9/23/22 -v1.3 All the letter S titles have been inputed (which was a lot, I think there are more S titles than any other letter), tons of new edits, and tons of new prices... some major edits in the first 4-5 sections. Only T titles need to be inputed, i have started with the final editing of some sections (310 pages)

  •  9/27/22 - v1.4 - All titles in all letters are now done. First editing pass has started along with complete pricing population. Major editing has taken place in 8 of the 26 letter sections and will contiune to do so for awhile. Atari titles are getting the month of release and production numbers if I have access to them. (322 pages) 

  • 10/1/22-v1.42 - 100+ titles have new/updated prices, about 10 new photos and a ton of editing..the editing process from this point out will be slow but my hope is a fully realized guide by the end of the year, I think over half of the titles have accurate prices now..also adding other goodies as I go.(331 pages)

  • 10/15/22 - v1.5 - MAJOR UPDATE! 250+ new prices, tons of photos and lots of edits. 10 of the 26 letter sections are pretty much final, with about 5-6 more close to being final. (354 pages)

  • 11/5/22 - v1.71 - 20 of the 26 letter sections semi-final, huge update too many to count. (369 pages)

  • 1/20/22- v1.84 - Everything but the letter D section is now complete and ready for the upcoming full edit pass... we are on target for a full "rough draft" by the end of the year (385 pages) 

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