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Howdy, It's me Cassandra...
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When I am not almost killing myself trying to lift or fix 400 pound arcade games sometimes I play electric guitar in a punk band with my wife who is a drummer and professional chef. We currently live in the Northwest of the USA in a big house with a rather adventurous cat. I started collecting arcade games over 30 years ago, having to start and stop my collection several times over the years. My love for this hobby comes from spending way too much time at the arcades of Ocean City, MD during the summers of my youth. Originally I am from the Washington D.C area and have an extensive background and education in the visual arts. In the spare time I have left, I enjoy volunteering for LGBTQ+ causes. I also enjoy collecting vinyl records, watching cult films, watching Daria reruns, and eating pizza. Currently I am working on my masters degree in social work as a full time student, attending a "Public Ivy" University. 

- Cassandra

Center Photo by Daniel Jackson

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