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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Howdy! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have just been overwhelmed with school and various drama in my personal life including having a close friend of mine pass away. So here are some of the misc. arcade game collecting type deals I have been working on and the hopes for the next few months.

Oh Donkey Kong Jr. only you understand me.


NEW ITEM: Updated Tour Video!

Thanks to the miracle of Final Cut Pro, I have a fancy new tour of all 30 arcade games in my collection you can enjoy on You Tube. I go through each game in a tiny bit of detail (but not too much, to keep the video around 45 minutes) and rant about how each game is super cool in its own way. The previous tour video I did was pretty popular, but I have almost twice (ack!) as many games now… enjoy!

If you are curious about the music I used in the opening and closing of the above video, it is from the obscure new wave band Rhema... and was used in the so bad it's good 1980's film Voyage of the Rock Aliens. If you love cheesy movies, you will not be disappointed with seeking out this film!


NEW ITEM: Short Tech Video on Pac PCB Differences and Pac & Pal Project in the Works

After posting the video and blog post regarding Super Pac-Man’s history I got several questions asking about the differences between the different Pac PCBs and which ones are compatible with which cabinets. This is a down and dirty video that gives a decent rundown of how all the Pac PCBs play together or don’t play together.

Also worth a mention is the acquisition of a very rare Pac & Pal PCB into the collection which was procured after making the Super Pac video. I love Pac & Pal and my hope is to make a custom-built cabaret or cocktail cabinet for the game with unique artwork sometime this summer. Hopefully between schoolwork and my practicum placement at school I can seek enough free time into my schedule to make this happen.


NEW ITEM: Price Guide Updates and Massive Retooling

Bring your reading glasses...

I have been working on a massive overhaul of the price guide for over a year, with plans to offer both an on-line version and a not-for-profit printed version via Amazon. Progress is slower than I would like due to school, data tracking, and honestly a bit of motivation. Right now, the guide is about 200 pages long and I think once it is done it will be around 350 pages. With the pricing the arcade marketplace I know this is needed and I want it to be both accurate and done right. My hope is to have this done by the end of this summer.


NEW ITEM: Liberator Upright Restoration in Full Swing

Our heavily converted Liberator is starting to look like something again as I head feet first into some much-needed cabinet fixing with Bondo and paint. Thanks to some true-blue friends on KLOV I was able to track down an unmolested Liberator control panel and I finished the restoration of it this week. So as for right now I have all the pieces and parts needed for the restoration it is just a matter of time to fix the cabinet faults and get it all back in the machine. I am hoping to have this finished in the next two months and I am sure I’ll post a video about it soon after it is completed. This game is not going to stay in the collection very long as I don’t really need two Liberators, so we shall see what I can get in trade for it since it is a desirable game and I expect the restoration to come out pretty well.

Bondoooooooo yeeee haw!! (Whip noises)

Restored power brick is just waiting for the rest of the game that is it for right now, thanks for reading and I hope to have some more exciting posts in the near future....


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