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Smash and Grab in Dallas

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

My wife's all-time favorite arcade game is Smash TV, and she has made it very clear she wanted a 25 inch version of the game. I also have fond memories of playing Smash TV in the local bowling alley near my high school in the early 90's. There is something about two joystick run-and-gun games like Smash TV, Robotron 2084, and Total Carnage. Home versions of these games always left you disappointed over the lack of two huge joystick controls or playing side by side on the same control panel as your buddy in destruction.

This was the second arcade auction I have gone to in Dallas since moving to Houston and starting up my collection again. I have to say the number of classics was most surprising. Prices were a bit high on some things and down right reasonable on others. I took up a Popeye cocktail in very nice shape to sell which didn't really generate much interest. One day maybe I will write about how Nintendo cocktails have to be the ugliest classic arcade cabinet of the early 80's. We stuck around almost to the end and then took our new prize home for the long drive back in the rain.

Several rows of classics, and semi classics. I couldn't approve of that terrible home made cabinet for the Mario Bros. in the foreground.

That Outrun on the right side was in very nice shape, and would have probably come home with us if the Smash TV hadn't been there.

I am a sucker for 80's Sega games. Hopefully one day an Alien Syndrome will make it into my life.

WOW, a Return of the Jedi. This sold for 1750 and I have to admit it does have a certain cool factor. As a game however I always thought it was kind of dull to play.

This has to be the nicest Superman Atari pinball machine I have ever seen.

See you in the spring Dallas folks.....

Cocktails Ms. Pac-Man (Converted to Multi-Cade) (missed) Popeye (Nice) 300 Make Trax (Scrambled Screen) 175?

Uprights Pac-Man (Mini) 550 Out Run (Very nice) 300 Neo Geo Single w/Metal Slug 200 Tetris Cab w/Strange Multi 150 Pac-Man (Painted Cab) 325 Frogger (Nice) 700 Defender 650 Ms. Pac-Man (Mini) 775 Neo Geo 2 Slot (I call this a movie theatre style cab) 425 Out Run (Mini w/Steering Issues) 500 Thunder Blade (Mini) 225 Ms. Pac-Man (Rom Issues) 350 Galaga 1100 Multicade 500 Championship Sprint 2 Player 200 Playchoice 10 “30th Anniversary” with strangely high bottom cabinet 1050 R-Type (Nice) 675 World Rally 125 Return of the Jedi (Pretty ok but a huge dent in the side) 1750 Special Crime Investigation 125 Rad Mobile 300 Cisco Heat 200 Wizard of Wor (Missed) Toobin w/working waterfall 400 Smash TV 25 Inch 800 (Mine!) Ghost N Goblins 525 Space Invaders 300 Simpsons 4-Player (No Control Panel) 475 Mappy (No topper) (missed) Virtual Fighter 4 325 Giga Wing 1000 Street Fighter III 2nd Impact 625 Ninja A Kids (in Gauntlet cab) 150 Super Sports 75 Arkanoid 150 Roadblasters 300 Golden Tee Classic 125 Tekken Tag Tournament 300 Galaga (Early white sides) 850? Vindicators (Very nice) 450 Pinball Action (in Galaxian cab) 150 Super Street Fighter Turbo 200 ? Marvel Vs. Capcom 275 Golden Tee 3D Golf 125 Road Riot 100 Big Buck Hunter 200 Tekken 5 350 Neo Geo (With Multi Cart?) 200 Mutli System (dead) 75 Scramble 375 Power Drift 175 Kung Fu Master (Nice) 200 R Type (C- shape) 325 Star Wars Trilogy Arcade 600 Robocop 200 Pleiades (Pretty nice!) 125 Rolling Thunder (Issues but playing) 375 Multi System 35 Neo Geo Single Slot 75 Army 225 Phoenix (Dedicated w/Side Art!) 100 Rampage 600 Out Run (Rough but played well) 150 Space Invaders/Qix Anniversary 300 Donkey Kong Junior (Missed, then re auctioned) Hang On 175 Buck Rogers 725 Skull and Crossbones (dedicated, nice) 575 Lunar Rescue 200 Mario Bros (in a terrible homemade cabinet) 150 Pac Land 225 Street Fighter II 175 Death Stalkers 330 Galaga 3 310 Altered Beast 525 Multicade 650 Ms. Pac-Man (Multicade) 350 Ms. Pac-Man (Multicade) 330 ?

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