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Probably Just a Fuse

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

I have had bad luck with bulk pick-ups over the years. Either folks who backed out of agreed prices, or barns full of rotting games that were useless. I responded to an ad from a house flipper who promised me the house had not been flooded. Houston experienced Harvey the Hurricane this year, destroying thousands of homes, and disrupting many more lives. The human tragedy was pretty overpowering for those of us living through it. Our family was lucky, living in an area of town that somehow had great drainage. Others not so much, losing everything for some including lives. The previous owner of house in the ad had run a vending company out of a smaller building in the back yard. However when I got there it smelled like mold, had a yard full of torn out wet sheet rock, and everything had obviously been... well, flooded. Some of these photos were from the original ad, and some of them I took. That Robotron/Baseball upright was gone as well as the water damaged Crossbow. Someone also stripped the boards from the games, hopefully something was salvageable. I would have loved to take one of those Atari cabaret cabinets home, but when I attempted to move one, it started to fall apart like dry pastry. I walked away empty but with the hope someday my bulk buy dreams would come true.

All sorts of monitors, most of which were pretty rusty and missing the chassis. A few vector monitors in there.

Pretty beat-up Galaga. It was so water damaged on the bottom I didn't understand how it was still standing.

I nominate this for the worst looking Ms.Pac-Man cabinet of all time. That front kick plate artwork gives me nightmares.

Crossbow. This was gone by the time I got to check this place out. I hope someone was able to save it.

Totally waterlogged Dig Dug, Millipede, and X-Men.

Robotron converted into some sort of baseball game, converted Tempest cabaret totally ruined. There was also a Centipede cabaret in similar condition, many eight liners, and enough mold to kill anyone.

Probably useful stuff in there somewhere, but I decided to skip out to hunt for another day.

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