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Neo Dallas 2018 is About to E-X-P-L-O-D-E

Updated: May 22, 2018

Bust a Move... FOR SAVINGS? Am I right... uh, never mind.

Unfortunately this will be my last Dallas/Lewisville Texas auction due to a new job for my wife in Seattle. Despite moving half way across the country in just a few weeks, I just had to go to one more auction. The guys and gals at American Amusements run a great auction, and if you are within a decent driving distance you should check them out. Like most auctions it's totally random what they might have at any given auction. But to me that is the joy of going to these things, you never know what you might find. Feast or famine it's all part of the hunt. I have seen some amazing pieces over that last few auctions, and I have seen some terribly high prices for stuff I thought was average at best. Ok here are some photos of the highlights of the auction.

That QIX almost became my next project, but the water damage was just too heavy for me.

Non-working but decent Centipede, DOA but complete (with significant water damage to the cabinet) Six, and a very nice pretty much all original Robotron (That sold for around 1600 if memory serves correctly). Not photographed in the first row of games was a pretty nice Centipede cocktail, a decent and fully working Stratovox cocktail, Namco Ms.Pac/Galaga reunion with a multi game board, and a decent but not fantastic Galaga.

All of these games had issues, but hey don't we all.

A beat to heck Donkey Kong, playing Donkey Kong Junior, next to a dead but complete Wizard of Wor. Both good candidates for restoration. The Asteroids was missing the board (and I am assuming probably a dead monitor in there), the Rad Mobile had it's own issues as well.

Kids love nuclear war guys! Let's make a game about that!

Drop dead gorgeous Missile Command sold for 1000 dollars, I'm not a fan of this game but this was a very nice example.


Hey it's a mini Out Run, which seemed to have problems staying on. To the right is a Black Tiger in a very solid Dragon's Lair cabinet. I bid on it, but the price got a bit steeper than I was willing to pay for it. Slim pickings at this auction, with a lot of multi game conversions and gun games. Just barley visible on the left side is a decent Mortal Kombat 4.

If we call it "Breakouter-ist will Atari sue?"

Arkanoid that needed some cabinet and monitor love. People do seem to love this game however.

I don't think this game has been ready to qualify for a long time.

DOA Pole Position II conversion from an original Pole Position.

Blowing Crap Up - The Game

Hey a Thunder Blade mini to match my Out Run mini! It was up and working, another game I am not a huge fan of. But this could be made to be a pretty nice example with a little work.

Pre Dungeons and Dragons this was probably pretty rad.

They actually had a few pinball machines this time, but I was gone before they auctioned them off.

Much like the Michael Bay Transformers movie, this pinball machine explodes in slow motion every 5 minutes for no reason.

I have no doubt that Twilight Zone had a nice bidding war when it went on the auction block. It seemed to be a decent example of one, the AC/DC seemed almost brand new.

Gambling? Oh no way this was used for gambling... why I am a legitimate business man your honor.

I am fascinated by these old electomechanical pinball card and bingo machines, I just think the engineering behind them is super cool.

“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like "I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive...."

This is my best friend Alex, only he could make a Big Bird ride look this cool.

I don't know about that blue T-molding, that might have to go.

Well I didn't break the bank on this trip, I picked up this Neo Geo that threw a flyback doing got auction for 375 with Bust a Move and a Soccer game installed. It's in very nice condition and I've always wanted a Neo Geo, the price was definitely right. I'll probably put one of those multi Neo Geo carts from China in it at some point but we will see.

Oh crap, I forgot my Diet Coke at the hotel.

Well back home after a 4 1/2 hour drive and some delicious BBQ from Bucky's. I sure am going to miss these Dallas auctions! I feel like I have picked up some great deals over the last 5 I have been to, I hope they grown in size but I just don't know how many big "stashes" of games are out there anymore compared to the auctions of 10 or 15 years ago. Happy hunting and I'll see you with my games in Seattle!

Highlighted games at the auction (Sorry I didn't get the prices)


Centipede (nice but had a slight glitch)

Stratovox (nice)


Ms.Pac/Galaga 20th Namco Reunion (With iCade 60 in 1 installed)


Centipede (White screen)

Qix (Dead with heavy water damage)

Robotron 2084 (Nice despite one wonky joystick)

Donkey Kong (Rough, playing DK Jr.)

Wizard of Wor (Complete but not working)

Asteroids (No boards)

Rad Mobile (Issues)

Area 51

Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Clutch Hitter (Very clean)


Mortal Kombat 4 (Monitor not working)

Out Run (Cabaret)

Ghost Squad

Missle Command (Very nice)

Black Tiger (In Dragon's Lair cabinet)

Marvel Vs. Capcom


Neo-Geo MVS 2-Slot

Arkanoid (Rough, but working)

Tekken Tag

Thunder Blade (Cabaret)

Pole Position II (Converted from PP, missing shifter and coin mech)

Neo Geo single slot

Dragon Spirit (Converted to a multi-game)

A lot of multi-cade 60 in 1 or MAME conversions


Twilight Zone



Joker Wild (card/bingo style)


(there was one more older EM pinball but I can't remember the title)

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