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Lets Move 8 Refrigerators

My amazing wife had some shocking news earlier this year. She was being considered for a high profile job in Seattle with a major tech company. Several things would be happening if she got the job. First our quality of life would be improving due to a sweet bump in her salary. Second, it would afford me an opportunity to go back to college and get a degree in social work which has been a dream of mine for a long time. And lastly, and most important we (along with all our stuff) would be moving 2000 miles. Once she officially was offered the job I gave her a big hug, while staring at my beloved arcade games over her shoulder. Uh... those won't fit in the overhead bin I guess. (Cue the Celine Dion song from Titanic)

Hey have you seen my keys? Oh crap.

Lucky for us, my wife's new company was paying for the move. The full white glove treatment. They would pack and ship everything from our home in Houston, and within a week or two all our worldly goods would arrive in our new home in Seattle. During the initial conversation with the moving rep we told them the good news. All of the appliances have been sold , so they wouldn't have to be moved. Whew! Easy move! But we do have 8 full sized arcade games... so it's like moving 8 refrigerators since they are all between 225-350 pounds each. Oh and we are super protective of them.

Sealed for your protection

I prepped them for the big journey the best I could. This mostly involved making sure everything inside was well secured. Monitor bolts tightened, no loose things floating around inside to damage components, and back doors tightly closed and locked. The movers would wrap them in heavy blankets but I decided to shrink wrap our Out Run. We had just spend an eon and mega dollars restoring it and I really didn't want to risk a ding in the now cherry side art.

Ms. Pac is more than just a number MANNNN

All the games were tagged by the packers and placed on a special high dollar report just in case the worst happen. I wasn't worried about anything major happening since these were professional movers. But I was prepping myself for a wack or two on some, or a possible broken marquee.

It was nice to be the person who didn't have to move these things around for once

One by one they left our little ranch house in Houston. On the truck they were wrapped up in huge blankets. The only game that seemed to be a struggle was the Neo Geo, mostly due to the unique shape of the back of the game. It can be a difficult one to get on a hand truck.

They must get a good deal on those big rubber bands

I bet these guys are amazing at Tetris. That is my Neo Geo upright all cozy on the right side of the photo.

Smart people live in this city, but they cannot make a taco to save their lives.

I arrive in Seattle and stay at a temporary condo while our house is getting prepped. The pleasant weather is a huge shock after living in Houston for the last eight years. The lack of good Mexican food is a bit of a bummer however.

I drink a lot of coffee... true story

Lucky for me there is a lot of amazing coffee to keep me entertained. Did you know Seattle has coffee? True story.

You must spend a night in this HAUNNTEDDD HOUSSEEEEE

The house is ready, and our time is up at the temporary condo. But unfortunately our stuff won't arrive still for another week at this point. So we live off an air mattress which wasn't terrible. But by the end of the week we are dying for our couch and real bed. There is nothing quite like living in a totally empty 3600 square foot house.

I hope the Smokies weren't on their tale or anything

Hey our stuff arrives! Yeah! The tiny streets to our strange subdivision aren't really semi truck friendly.

No thats cool just grab the bikes

Due to the tiny streets, the movers get creative with a make shift barge to grab our stuff.

No I need them INSIDE the house guys

They arrive! All cozy in big shipping blankets along with our other stuff like clothes and furniture. But who needs that other stuff when you can jam out on Robotron. A neighbor hood kid spots the games almost instantly and starts giving me the third degree about them. My favorite question was "Who let you buy these?"... what are you my Mom kid?

Oh... Hi there buddy. Doing ok?

The games get cozy in their new home, a small office in a rather large home. Everything turns on and functions like it should. Only the Smash TV took a small wack that was easily covered up by some expert Sharpie work.


The Simpsons didn't join the rest of the games in the office. It will stay down in the garage awaiting a full restoration that will start soon.

Wife: Did you set up the bed yet? Me: Uh... but the records...

Slowly our house starts looking like a home, with all our stuff.

Some kid could make a heck of a box fort with all this stuff

Can I interest you in some free cardboard? Happy hunting!

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Welcome to Seattle! Have you been able to connect with the local collector community yet? I am in Ballard and have a good-sized collection too. Always looking for others to geek out on this stuff with. :)

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