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On occasion I have a few games for sale. These are either games that are ready to leave my collection or games I have restored for the sole purpose of selling. Games are located about 10 miles North of Seattle in my workshop, and if still up on this page are still available. Interesting trades will always be considered. I can not ship directly at this time, but can recommend shipping companies and will do my best to help in shipping if needed in any way I can. Only the games on this page are for sale at this time.


Available February 

Defender (1980, Williams) 

I bought this game as part of a bulk deal, but since I already own a Stargate I don't really need a Defender. This is one of the nicest looking and playing vintage games I have ever seen. It sat in a dry basement since the late 80's and has been gone through in the following ways. I am asking a bit more for this game than the average Defender because I believe it is one of the nicest original machines out there. The only flaw is a tiny laminate ding on the front that is barely noticeable. This is a very nice machine. 

- Rebuilt power supply, CPU, sound board, and interface board.

- Original WG4600 monitor was replaced due to excessive burn in with a superior and rebuilt WG7000 series with NOS burn free tube

- New control panel and bezel graphics by This Old Game

- Replaced safety lockout switch on backdoor with new one

- Numbers matching machine with the exception of the monitor.

- Somewhat harder to find version with original style coin door with dollar coin acceptor

- Side art is in brilliant shape, and has edges retouched by me

- New T-molding

- Bottom reinforced with leg levelers to prevent future splitting of wood common on Williams cabinets

- Game cleaned inside and out

- Zero water damage



Available February



(1992, Midway)

Original first MK game in a glorious dedicated 25 inch monitor cabinet. Picked this up last year but fighting games just aren't my thing. This is a nice example and plays like a dream. I would keep it if I didn't suck at fighting games. The side art and control panel overlay have been kept original. Both are in good but not perfect condition. I would say overall the game is in A- shape, and much nicer overall than most I have seen. The monitor is one of the strongest 25 inch WG7000's I have ever seen after the rebuild. The following things have been done to it. There are a few bonks and scratches on the sides of the cabinet, but none of them distracting. It is missing one of the bottom wheels on the back, and does include the original back panel. 

- Rebuild of front panel including wood repair, fill, sanding, painting, and new front and side artwork ("Midway") from This Old Game

- New correct HAPP joysticks and all buttons replaced

- Correct WG7000 series monitor chassis now installed, rebuilt from the ground up

- Rebuilt sound board (these are commonly problematic) which now sounds glorious 

- Repainted and repaired game cabinet front

- Rebuilt coin door

- New communication cable 

- New T-molding

- Game cleaned inside and out

- Zero water damage



Available Soon

Elevator Action

(1983, Taito)

After looking for an Elevator Action for years I found myself with two in one weekend all of a sudden. This game was originally a Jungle King cocktail that was converted into an Elevator Action. This game is currently going through a total overhaul including custom artwork and a some other goodies.


For Sale in the Future...

- Dedicated Simpsons 4 Player
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