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Quarantine Chronicles: A.K.A. Keeping Myself Busy

Like many of you I have been stuck at home for the last four (or is it five?) weeks due to the global pandemic. Seattle has the honor (?) of being the first hot spot of the outbreak, so my life has mostly been confined to my home. A luck would have it, I do have an overabundant amount of arcade projects currently.

In an attempt to keep myself motivated to work on these projects, and keep my sanity I have started a weekly video blog to showcase the process and progress of these games. My hope is I can earn a little as I go, and many others can as well. The response has been pretty decent (I seem to get a lot more traffic on my You Tube page then this blog) so feel free to check out my ramblings in moving picture format. Stay safe out there, and make sure you are protecting your mental health as well as your physical health.

- Cassie

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